Auto Financing or Auto Leasing: Which Option Is Right for Your Needs Near Bethlehem, PA?

If you're looking at buying or leasing a new vehicle in the Reading, PA, Daniels BMW is here to help. With our latest deals, you'll save money on your monthly payment with either option. We're here to explain leasing vs. buying and to help you make the best choice for your needs. Our new vehicle inventory, executive loaners, and used inventory offer many choices for those looking for dependable and affordable transportation. Be sure to check out our selection and take advantage of our auto financing deals before the best models are sold out.

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A Vehicle Lease With Daniels BMW Puts You In Control

With a vehicle lease, you'll make payments for a period that typically lasts for two to three years. Similar to leasing a property, the ownership is retained by the lessor; however, as the lessee, you'll have exclusive use of the vehicle, providing the agreement terms are followed. Daniels BMW, serving Easton, PA, has comprised a list of pros and cons associated with auto leasing:

Pros of Auto Leasing

  • Only pay for the amount of time the vehicle is utilized
  • No losses due to depreciation
  • Upgrade to a newer or different model, sooner
  • Mileage options may be available
  • End-of-lease deals and upgrade specials may be available
  • Warranty remains intact for the duration of most leases
  • Lower monthly payments and reduced down payment options are typical with leases

Cons of Auto Leasing

  • The lessor owns the vehicle unless purchased at end-of-lease
  • Excellent credit is typically required to qualify for most lease offers
  • Customization is limited to dealer installed and approved accessories
  • Vehicle servicing must be completed at the dealership on time or at an authorized facility
  • Mileage and wear and tear charges may apply
  • GAP insurance is a requirement for nearly all leases
Daniels BMW Allentown PA

Is Buying Your Vehicle With an Auto Loan Right for You?

For consumers that keep their vehicles for longer than the average lease, buying is typically the best choice. Auto loan terms now come in many varieties, and since Daniels BMW works with all types of buyers, approval is likely, even for those with less-than-perfect credit.

Owning your vehicle provides you with the benefit of being able to keep the vehicle for as long as you'd like, or you can sell it to pay it off early. Daniels BMW is happy to provide you with the pros and cons that are associated with auto financing:

Pros of Auto Financing

  • The vehicle is owned free and clear once the loan is repaid
  • Extended terms are available for lower monthly payment options
  • Customization is unlimited
  • No servicing restrictions or requirements
  • No mileage limitations or wear and tear conditions
  • The ability to sell your car at any time to anyone

Cons of Auto Financing

  • Higher monthly payments when compared with leasing
  • Down payment requirements may apply
  • Vehicle values aren't guaranteed
  • Depreciation costs are likely
  • Financing deals are typically reserved for well-qualified customers
  • Extended term auto loans can mean higher interest costs
  • Vehicle condition, age, and mileage are major considerations when evaluating trade-ins and resale values

A Test Drive Is a Great Choice for Everyone

Daniels BMW in Allentown, PA is happy to provide you with more information on our auto loans and leases, and we'd love to have you take a test drive in one of our new, used, or executive loaner vehicles. We'll be sure to make you a great offer, and we'll help you get approved for the loan or lease you need to complete your purchase. Contact Daniels BMW, and we'll get to work on your financing application and schedule your test drive in the Stroudsburg area with us today.